New Orleans

I am finally getting around to sharing some of the pictures I took in New Orleans. If you haven’t been there yet, go! Like now. It’s so much fun and the food is flipping amazing.

Truth? I have never been somewhere where the culture was so apparent. Besides, the food, of course, my favorite part were the people. They’re, interesting, passionate, proud, musical, and know how to party. I’m also into that witchcraft stuff. I think it’s so fun and that’s eeeeeverywhere. So if you want to know how your life is going to pan out, visit New Orleans.

Foodie Pics

New Orleans

Double Chocolate Bread Pudding from the Red Fish Grill. We went there just for dessert. It’s that good.



Char Grilled Oysters from Acme. Hands down the best thing we ate there.



Pimm’s Cup from Carousel Bar and Lounge. We sat on an actual carousel that revolved and then we had to leave because my sister-in-law got motion sickness. haha, had to Lauren. :) Anyway, the Pimm’s Cup was absolutely delicious. It had strawberries, cucumbers, and bunch of other delicious fresh ingredients going on it.


Of course we had craw fish. So tasty! I would tell you what restaurant we were at, but I don’t where we ordered these. 😉


Beignets from Cafe Du Monde. It’s crazy busy here, but so worth it, and the chicory coffee? Right on. You can purchase the coffee and also the beignet mix – it’s good!


Last but not least, the muffuletta, the original New Orleans Italian Sandwich and Vin’s favorite thing we ate in New Orleans. You get them at Central Grocery Co. I couldn’t find a website for the store, but here is an article from the Huffington Post about them. They’re huge – easily 2-4 people could share just one.

We also devoured Po Boys from Jonny’s Po-Boys. Our favorite was the Johnny’s Special, beef with grilled ham and swiss. I was on the floor, happy of course.

Ok on to some site seeing stuff!

We thoughts this house was cool so we took a few pictures in front of it!

New Orleans New Orleans New Orleans New Orleans

We went on a cemetery tour – so crazy. If you ever visit New Orleans, do this!

DSC_0124 DSC_0140




This is Nicholas Cage’s tomb. This is where he wants to be buried when he passes. He fell in love with pyramids after filming National Treasure which is why he had it made in the shape of well…a pyramid!



DSC_0149 DSC_0145

Ok moving on from the graveyard. Truth? Awesome tour!

Here are a few pictures random pictures that I took. The orange house is where we stayed – it was absolutely beautiful! Love the color!

DSC_0158 DSC_0160 DSC_0162 DSC_0165 IMG_6292

Beware, this hotel is haunted.

IMG_6290 DSC_0232 DSC_0222

Since we were in New Orleans, we HAD to do a swamp tour, right? It was so fun! We saw tons of crocodiles. They aren’t necessarily afraid of humans so they pop up around the boats and just stare at you. Ah!

I never thought a swamp could be beautiful, but it truly was.

DSC_0167 DSC_0169 DSC_0172

DSC_0173 DSC_0179 DSC_0183 DSC_0185 DSC_0188 DSC_0190

DSC_0204 DSC_0201 DSC_0196 DSC_0206 DSC_0211 DSC_0215 DSC_0218

And there you have it! Our trip to New Orleans in a nutshell. It was one of my favorite vacations – the people, food, culture, and architecture were all amazing. We will definitely be going back…for those char grilled oysters at least.



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    Hi Jess! New Orleans is a great city! You’ll have to ask Justin if he remembers the swamp tour! Love your pics — the city is full of flavor, visually and gastronomically. Have a great weekend with the girls.

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